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Mobile App Development & Consulting

We work together to quickly and cost-effectively build mobile applications and cross-platform web services on today’s most prevalent platforms.

OUR Data Analytics Services and Solutions

Mobile app development opportunities have never been greater. Not only are employees relying on mobile devices for work, but customers and business partners are demanding the ability to interact with your business using mobile apps, websites and cloud.

Mobile is just one piece of the puzzle. Sensors, big data analytics, automation, customer experience, social media – all are important for users navigating the complex digital landscape.

Mobile App Development Services

These highly interdependent capabilities are all part of Capstone Consulting’s Digital practice. As a consulting services firm, we help organizations expand their market to mobile platforms by supporting them with enterprise-level mobile application development.

We also help companies get started with digital strategy and roadmap development, digital transformation, re-imagining the customer’s user experience, and extending back-end systems to today’s most relevant digital app platforms.

As a trusted partner to hundreds of client organizations, we are familiar with the business agenda, understand the technology landscape and consistently deliver innovation with the right results.

Mobile is the fastest-growing, most pervasive technology in history. Mobile is also disruptive, forcing companies to re-imagine how to leverage this technology to serve customers, employees and business partners.

Our clients want to go beyond adding an app on mobile devices. They want to understand how a mobile product can drive the right business transformation and create new opportunities for growth, innovation and the customer’s user experience. Our mobile development and consulting services aim to reshape your organization’s market through the use of mobile platforms.


Creating a mobility app strategy should always begin with thinking about the basics: who, what, why and how. Sometimes it’s not always clear how business teams and IT groups can work together to drive a company’s mobility app strategy, so we help by asking the right questions:


Which users in the organization would benefit most from mobile technology?


What business processes and user activities are the best candidates for mobility enablement?

Customer Satisfaction Value for Money Solutions


Why should the organization sanction the use of specific mobile devices versus company-owned or employee-owned (BYOD) devices?

Security and Management

How will the company secure, protect and manage corporate assets and sensitive information?

Client Story:

Increasing Stability, Efficiency with Modern Approaches

Our client, a leading supplier of food products, personal care products, electronics, and clothing to correctional facilities, was struggling to update their systems with modern features in a timely fashion.

The company depended on kiosks to request and track their products, but the kiosks needed more stable, secure features and devices.

We used modern software practices, such as containerization, to help the company deliver more quickly, with higher quality, while increasing customer responsiveness.

We Love Our Clients

Whether you need to swap one component or many, we can work with you to design and implement a solution that fits your organization’s needs.



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